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The Connie Noble Memorial Scholarship will be awarded to women to help pay for college expenses. Sweet Adelines has agreed to handle the logistics and more information can be found on Connie Noble was arguably one of the most highly respected tenors in the history of Sweet Adelines. Inarguably, she was the only person in the history of the organization to sing on four separate international championship quartets.

  • 1972 – The Fourth Edition
  • 1976 – High Society
  • 1988 – Savvy
  • 2002 Fanatix

Four crowns, four quartets, four part harmony, it feels perfect that the annual scholarship is for $4,000. 

She was a member of Sweet Adelines for fifty years and performed on stage, in one of her four championship quartets, across a career that spanned decades.  During those years she sang in hundreds of venues that ranged all the way from high school auditoriums in small towns to Carnegie Hall in New York and The Royal Albert Hall in London. One of her quartets (Fanatix) sang at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington D.C. In Germany with High Society, she performed for our troops on USO shows.

Later in life, she coached quartets and choruses in the United States as well as in places as far away as Ireland and Australia.

(Connie made friends easily and many friendships lasted her entire lifetime. Several of her high school friends traveled many miles and visited our home when we were all in our seventies. She enjoyed people, knew how to throw great parties and loved beautiful cars. Her last car was an Italian racing red Jaguar XK.)

While you are at this website consider purchasing the very special, recently produced compilation CD that represents the arc of her singing life with Sweet Adelines. The CD has recordings from all four of the international championship quartets in which she sang as a tenor, as well as a few songs where she is highlighted singing with the San Diego Chorus. All of the profit from sales on the website goes to help fund the scholarship. You may even think about purchasing one of the beautiful shirts which are embroidered with four crowns above the script which says “A Noble Cause” or make a donation.

Four crowns, four part harmony – it feels perfect that the scholarship will be awarding $4,000 per year to a member of Sweet Adelines. 

Connie and I met in 1984. We shared our life together since then. I was her husband and while I did not see all of the above take place, I witnessed a great deal of it. And though I miss her so very much now, you must understand that I am one of the luckiest guys you have ever heard of.

Bob Decker

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